Kingfish Zeeland



Kingfish Zeeland

Oost-Zeedijk 13

4485 PM Kats



Dhr. Hugo Willemse

+31 (0) 113 74 54 61


Kingfish Zeeland

Kingfish operates on the basis of three core principles: sustainability, respect for our fish and the environment. These key principles are at the heart of our design, activity and technology decisions. We spare neither cost nor effort to ensure that our operations are safe and healthy for our customers, stress-free and humane for our fish, and have minimum impact on the surrounding nature. It is our vision to establish our position as market leader in the sustainable production of exceptional seafood. At Kingfish we share the passion to create an innovative and sustainable food system and you are encouraged to come up with ideas for improvement at all levels. You have unique insight into the product, processes, technology and clients. It’s in our nature to constantly evolve our product, processes and technology, to make use of our creativity, and improve the client experience of our product.
Our values are: Innovation, Ownership, Collaboration and Passion.