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The Work Zone

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Mevr. Amber Liesting




Meewerkstage logistiek/supply chain management (september)

The Work Zone - Terneuzen

Einddatum: vrijdag 05 april 2019

We challenge you: help us to develop our FTO-service model with your logistic knowledge, so that we can become the best in stainless steel.

The company: Our client (Terneuzen) is an operational unit within our international group, which is a leading global player in the stainless steels manufacturing industry. The group operates manufacturing facilities in both the Americas & Europe (notably Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK).

Company aim: Our unit in Terneuzen wishes to develop its service model to the European market during 2019 and 2020. Currently around 30% of the sales portfolio is supplied on a short lead time finish-to-order (FTO) service model with the balance of 70% being supplied on a make-to-order (MTO) service model. The objective is to grow the FTO service model proportion from around 30% to >75% of the sales portfolio. In order to achieve this aim, the current sales portfolio will need to be studied both at a product level and at a key customer level to identify products and product families that are suitable for supply through a FTO service model. The clear advantage of a FTO service model is that the effective lead time to customers can be significantly shortened to around 7 days through the application of a ‘postponement of differentiation’ concept through the introduction of a supply chain decoupling point. Outokumpu Stainles Terneuzen is a so called V-plant operation.

The complicating factor of a V-plant operation is that the inventory expands along the length of the manufacturing supply chain and therefore the specificity of the products increases. One of the important requirements of this study is to ensure that over-investment in inventory levels is not a natural outcome of a shift to a dominant FTO service model. The inventory control features both within the Terneuzen operation and within the upstream supplying facilities need to studied and developed as part of this assignment. Terneuzen Works currently processes 450kt per annum of cold rolled stainless steel products through its facility with a typical inventory level of 25kt and a sales turnover of 600m EUR per annum. 


We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a strong interest and aptitude in both supply chain management and mathematics to assist with the development of this service model concept.